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A dog trainer has practical experience in teaching a dog a new behaviour. Our dog training classes are Kennel Club listed.

A pet behaviour counsellor is trained to identify and explain the motivation for the problem behaviour of a wide range of companion animal species and to assist the family in devising a treatment plan that will enable the pet to alter its behaviour.

As the pet behaviour and dog training profession is, as yet, unregulated, there are a multitude of well meaning but inexperienced and inadequately trained individuals offering advice in pet behaviour. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the R.S.P.C.A. advise vets and members of the public to ensure that they seek guidance on the behavioural welfare of companion animal species from professionals who have been certified as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (Click for ASAB Website) who are Members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (Click for APBC Website). 


Ideally, training is intended to teach new skills.

The very best time to start training your dog is as soon as it joins your family – so contact us as soon as you know you are getting a puppy.

Once a dog is a juvenile, it will already have discovered techniques that help it to cope with tricky situations e.g. barking, lunging and pulling on the lead. Although training will teach your dog alternative responses, in certain circumstances, your dog may choose to adopt its previous behaviour as more appropriate to its needs at that time.


If you are already experiencing problems with your dog's behaviour you may benefit from a behaviour consultation before starting a training programme - this will enable your dog to start again with a 'clean sheet'. Please take a look at the information on our behaviour consultations.

Alternatively, if your dog has difficulties with social situations, you and your dog may make better progress if you start your new training programme on a one to one basis with your trainer without other dogs present that might distract you. A ‘one to one’ training session may be arranged by phoning the clinic and completing the ‘training questionnaire’. (Click here for download)

Give your dog the best possible start in life by enrolling it into Puppy Socialisation and Early Training Classes. These classes are Kennel Club listed and prepare your puppy for its Kennel Club Puppy Foundation certificate.

Puppies under 8 months of age

Puppy Training

For adult dogs that are ready to join a class, we have several different types to offer:

The Intermediate Class - six weekly one hour lessons.  

Any dog is welcome to join this class, but it is a very popular continuation option for our young dogs that have graduated from puppy and juvenile class.

Owners learn about modern learning techniques that make it easy for dogs to learn and co-operate with their owners. As owners work throughout each session as individuals, the techniques can be practiced and applied to each individual dog's specific issues. We consider it essential that owner’s and their dogs complete this course before embarking on the Kennel Club Bronze or Silver awards.

Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Bronze Award – a six week course. This course prepares dogs and owners to take the Kennel Club Bronze Award, it aims to produce a dog that will walk and behave in a controlled manner on the lead, will stay in one position on command and will allow its owner to groom, clean and inspect it in a range of positions. As the Kennel Club examiners expect a very high standard, owners usually like to follow up the course with plenty of practice sessions!


Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Silver Award – a six week course. This class is for dogs that have already achieved their Kennel Club Bronze Award and is intended to enable owners to demonstrate that their dog is well-behaved and under the control of owners who understand their legal responsibilities both in the home and when in public places. Although the course lasts for six weeks, we offer plenty of practice sessions for owners preparing for the examination. 


Obedience for Real Life - a six week course.


This course is limited to the summer months as it focuses on the techniques learnt in the intermediate class but takes them out of the training barn and into the 'real world' of open areas and distracting smells. Many of the practice sessions are weather dependent, and on rainy days the classes continue indoors with fun activities introducing agility and rally obedience skills.




The Advanced Class - a six week course.

This course is for graduates of the intermediate and KC Bronze award class whose owners have truly appreciated the enhanced opportunities for learning that positive reinforcement can bring, but who do not wish to progress to the KC Silver award at this stage. The basic skills learnt in the intermediate class are further developed and more complex techniques explored.

Kidzown dog class


We at Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals are passionate about the need for children and their dogs to build a relationship based on mutual respect and fun! This is a course specifically for young people (8yrs upwards) and their dogs. It is intended to give young people opportunities to learn about canine communication, to gain confidence in their ability to control their dog's behaviour as and when required, and to learn how to have lots of fun with their dog through agility and obedience exercises.

We hope that through improving your child's understanding and respect for their dog we can reduce the risk that is posed when pet dogs are unintentionally driven to use aggression within families.

Please note: the 'Kidzown' class is not intended for 'problem' dogs. Owners should take advice on how to resolve problems before enrolling their children on this course.

Would you like your vet to refer your dog to the clinic? Please download (Click Here) a case history questionnaire and referral form and once you and your vet have completed them, please phone the clinic for an appointment.

Muzzle Training for your dog (Click Here).

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