Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals

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If your client has approached you with a problem with an aggressive dog, in addition to the advice that you have given to your client, you may wish to guide them to the ‘First Aid Advice for Owners of Dogs That Have Bitten’ on our website. This gives interim management advice for clients who are waiting to attend a behaviour consultation.

If you would like to make an immediate referral for a behaviour problem prior to thoroughly examining your patient for any source of discomfort, pain or other medical problem that may form a motivation for behavioural change, please complete the information on the right and send it directly to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals. We will then contact your client to make an appointment for them.

Following the completion of the initial contact form, please make arrangements for your client to attend your surgery for a pre-referral health check. The following form should then be forwarded to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals. If a contact form has not already been received, the clinic will contact your client on receipt of the Referral Form.

Referral Form For Animal Behaviour

Please download a referral form here