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Cats can be sociable creatures if raised with humans and other cats. But, in general, cats sometimes struggle to cope within households with a busy social life, with other cats or when other cats live near-by. Life can become particularly tricky when other cats are introduced into the home. Common problems we encounter in multi-cat households can include inappropriate toileting, aggression towards the other cats or towards their owners and marking behaviour. It is not only in multi-cat households where problems can arise, single cats can become anxious if changes occur in the household or if there is a large community of unfamiliar cats in their locality.  In general, a clinical animal behaviourist, who specialises in feline behaviour, can help with feline problems associated with:


•     First time cat owners (pre or shortly after the cat or kitten joins the home)

     •     Aggression towards people (family or strangers)

     •     Aggression towards other cats

     •     Inappropriate toileting

     •     Indoor spraying

     •     Repetitive behaviours

     •     Anxiety, fear or frustration related behaviour

     •     Pica (chewing or eating non-food items)

     •     Post environmental trauma problems

     •     Geriatric issues

     •     Bonding problems

As behaviour change is often initiated by ill-health, pain or discomfort, the first priority on identifying that you cat has a behaviour change or problem, is to ensure that your vet has thoroughly examined your cat to rule out health problems. Once the involvement of ill-health or pain has been ruled out and/or treated, your vet can refer your cat to a clinical behaviourist.

Would you like your vet to refer your cat to the clinic? Please download a case history questionnaire and referral form and once you and your vet have completed them, please phone the clinic for an appointment


All feline cases require a visit to your home. Please add a visit charge onto the consultation fee that is quoted.

Feline Clinical Behaviour Consultation - following referral from a veterinary surgeon, such consultations usually take between 2 – 3 hours, they are followed by a report that summarises the cat’s behavioural motivation and the rehabilitation plan. The fee also includes a telephone follow-up call from the clinic and telephone or email contact initiated by the client over a 4 month period after the initial consultation:                      




Follow-up sessions – for a consultation are priced per hour or part thereof:

per hour £45.00  


Pre-purchase kitten consultation – an approximately 1 hour session that can be individual to your family or that can be shared amongst a small group of people. During the session we will consider the type of cat that is most emotionally suitable for your family’s needs, how to go about finding a suitable kitten breeder and how to handle the early days as your kitten, to ensure that the cat gets the best start to its emotional and behavioural welfare:


Deposit on booking an appointment: you will be charged when you make a booking and this deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your session (and hence, once paid, the booking fee will be deducted from all of the above fees):


If, prior to your consultation, you wish to speak to a behaviourist about your cat, our office manager will arrange a telephone appointment for you, once your booking deposit has been paid.


As all feline cases require a visit to your home, the following visit charge should be added to the cost of a consultation:

Minimum visit charge (covering a 20 mile radius from the clinic that includes visits to Llanelli, Swansea, Port Talbot, Carmarthen, Llandeilo):


For distances further than a 20 mile radius from the clinic, a charge will be made of:

               £40.00 plus 45p per mile from SA14 8JW                                                                                   


All photographs of cats that are used on this website have been kindly donated by Francesca Riccomini MRCVS CCAB

Download Feline behaviour questionaire here

Provided with the kind permission of F. Riccomini

Provided with the kind permission of F. Riccomini

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